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Lightworks for Linux Alpha test applications reopen for very limited period

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Editshare/RedSharkLightworks for Linux

Editshare yesterday announced that they are re-opening the Lightworks for Linux Alpha program, so anyone that missed the original window for applications is now able to re-apply (important details below)

Lightworks Product Manager Matt Sandford said:

"The original Alpha test program has been extremely successful and has moved us forward immensely. We now need more people testing the software at this stage, before we move towards the public Beta phase before the end of Q1 this year".

Lightworks for Linux is the second of the three versions of Lightworks that will eventually span Windows, Linux and OS X. There is no further information about Lightworks for OS X at this stage but it is known to be making progress and you can expect announcements about this in due course.

Read this - it's important

If you want to join the new Alpha program, there is a very limited time window for applications. Editshare will be opening up the Linux Alpha sign up page: www.lwks.com/alphas-linux page between 3pm-5pm (UK) on Thursday 10th January. If you have any questions, please visit the Lightworks Forum.

Just to reiterate: you must sign up between 3pm-5pm Thursday 10th January UK time. Please set an alarm if this is important to you!


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