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RedShark Awards at NAB 2016

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RedShark NewsIt's Awards time again!

We enjoyed handing out our awards at Europe’s IBC show last September so we’ve decided to do it again at NAB.

It’s very simple. We have the following categories that will receive an award, and then RedShark readers will pick the “Best in show".

This year the RedShark writers will decide which product in each category should win an award, and then, when all the category winners have been chosen we’ll ask RedShark readers to choose the “Best in Show” with the Reader’s award.

So, just before the show kicks off, here are the categories:

Innovation Award

Best Audio Product

Best Editing Product

Best Post Product

Best Action Product

Best Drone/Quadcopter

Best Storage Device

Best Low Priced Camera

Best TV/Drama Camera

Best Cinema Camera

Best Documentary Camera

We’ll keep an eye open at the show for likely candidates for these awards, but, meanwhile, if you have any ideas about who should win, you can send your suggestions to awards@redsharknews.com, and we’ll include them in our deliberations.

This is also open to manufacturers who might want to nominate their own products. If you’d like to be considered, please email us at awards@redsharknews.com so that we can take a look at your product. And please remember, these are free to enter: unlike some other ones out there there is no need for money to change hands at anywhere in the process!

Nominations have to be in by 5am on Thursday Pacific Time.

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