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CES: The first real gauge of 4K takeup

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LG/RedShark4K at CES

Recently, the "meaning of Christmas" has been appended with a not-so-ancient tradition. It means that CES, The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just around the corner

Barely have the Christmas Tree lights dimmed before this intense geekfest kicks off in the somewhat chilly desert.

Just a few years ago CES would have seemed largely irrelevant to our industry, but now, in many ways, it sets the pace - and never more so with 4K just around the corner. This year, CES is going to be the biggest indicator yet as to whether 4K is going to quickly develop into a new consumer standard.


And the signs are there already. We've seen Sony give cagy details of their network delivery system for 4K, and a few other manufacturers have indicated that they will have 4K devices on show.

The big question is, how quickly, and how deeply will the adoption be. This matters, because it will dictate how quickly content producers need to move across to the new format.

New from LG

Only today, LG has announced their new range of 4K screens, and it seems that the're racing to have products across the spectrum.

LG will be showing 55", 65" and 84" displays, and they confidently claim that they are "poised to dominate the emerging UHD premium display market. All the new TVs will include a passive 3D technology.

It's not just 4K that's news from LG: they've also said that very high pixel density is coming to most of their products. There will be a seven inch tablet display with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1200) and a 12.9 inch laptop panel with QSXGA, which is 2560 x 1700 pixels.

Finally, they will be showing "the highest resolution computer monitor to date", a 30" device with a 4096 x 2160 pixel matrix.

We will bring you all the big or important announcements from CES. It's not going to be just about screens but cameras and video as well. And who knows what surprises there will be?

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