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Alex RomanThe start of something big...

It may have escaped your notice — it did ours — but last week RedShark published story number 3000. We were also three years old last month.

The picture above is from the first story we have on our system, You don't need cameras any more,  a look at the CGI work of artist Alex Roman. Other stories published that day on the 1st October 2012 included Nine tips to avoid editing meltdown; an interview with Andrew Little, Founder and CEO of Red Giant Software; a look at the draft specification for H.265; and Making 3D TV Popular: An Olympian Task, whose title has turned out to be somewhat more prescient than its conclusion that ‘3DTV is here to stay’.

To be fair though, in the three years since we’ve got more right than we’ve got wrong. As part of the 26 articles we launched with on the site we also talked a lot about 4K and its rise to ubiquity since, from the high end cameras to the low end smartphone in your pocket, has been one of the stand out trends in the industry in the past three years. The death of 3D, the impact of the cloud, the growing importance of the mirrorless camera, the introduction of HDR, the reintroduction of VR…there have been plenty of trends to talk about and analyse across those 3000 or so stories since.

No doubt there will be others that develop in the 3000 or so next stories over the next three years. In the meantime, here are the Top Ten most popular stories we’ve run on the site since 2012 — and the top one has been read a staggering 670,667 times and counting.

Canon’s IBC plans: Bigger, better & more 4K
There will probably be no 8K. In fact, there will probably be no pixels at all in the future
New Mac Pro - $2,999 for real-time 4K editing. Full details of Apple's Fall event
FPGAs: the processing miracle in our video tech
In Pursuit Of Excellence: The RØDE Microphone Story
Ten reasons to like Sony's pro video format, XAVC
Want video to really look like film? Here's our in-depth review of the remarkable Film Convert
The best Magic Lantern footage we've ever seen
Why you should use Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes
8K is not the future of TV. We think 21:9 Ultra Widescreen is instead. Here's why...

Don't forget that RedShark Stories stay online. You can find them through the "Search" box at the top right side of the page, while If you just want to browse, click on the "popular" tab.

And the 3000th story? The one last week about Leica launching its mirrorless Leica SL, which feels quite appropriate actually…

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