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RedShark Awards - The First Winners

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RedSharkAnd the winners are...

This year at Amsterdam's IBC - the second biggest trade show for the video, film and broadcast industry after NAB -  we've launched our first RedShark awards. And here are the intitial winners.

The RedShark awards are different, because nobody has to pay to enter. It may surprise you that awards at trade shows frequently require payment from entrants. We're not criticising that; but we prefer our alternative.

Our panel of judges (independent of RedShark) has chosen the winners in nine categories, which we show below.

Well done to all the winners.

There's one winner that hasn't ben chosen yet, and that's the overall winner, which will be based on RedShark reader's votes. In the next couple of days, you'll be able to cast your vote for the best product seen at the IBC show.

Meanwhile, here are the winners:

redshark award winners

Congratulations to all of the winners and keep your eyes open for the Readers' Award voting soon.

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