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Big price drop for the Sony FS700R

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Sony/RedShark PublicationsFS700 price drop

A big drop in price for the FS700R. Does this mean a replacement is in the wings? Even if it doesn't, it's a great price for this well-proven camera.

Eagle-eyed NewsShooter.com has spotted a big price cut for the Sony FS700R. It's down to $3,999 for the body only. Apparently this is the third time it's been reduced in a year (it was $5,999 last September).

At this price - well, even at its original price - this is a very useful camera, especially with its slow-motion capabilities.

With the FS700 now being three years old, traditional wisdom would suggest that it's going to be replaced soon. But that doesn't stop this being a very good camera to own, so, wait, perhaps, to see if there are any announcements coming up soon, and then make a choice taking account of this new, super low price.

Here's a film made by RedShark's Technical Editor Phil Rhodes with an FS700 in 2012, showcasing its slowmo talents.


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