RedShark at NAB - it all starts in a week!

Written by David Shapton

RedShark at NAB

NAB is coming up fast. Here's how we'll be covering it

We're exactly a week away from the first day of NAB, the biggest film and broadcasting exhibition in the world. I just wanted to let you know how RedShark will be covering this important event.

First, we'll have five RedShark writers at the show. Which means that we will have better coverage than ever. This is a very good thing, because we're expecting an incredible amount of news from the show.

It doesn't mean that we will have fifty stories each day - that's much too much for anyone to take in. Instead, we're going to have some more than usual, but to keep the flow manageable, they will be prioritised, according to how important they are - or how urgent the news is. For the rest, we'll take a more considered approach, and write about them in the days and weeks after the show.

So you get the best of both worlds: immediate coverage of the big stories, and more reflective articles once we're past the frenzy of all the new announcements.

But having five people at the show doesn't mean that we'll get to everything. We'd probably need fifty for that. So if any RedShark readers see something they think we should have covered, but haven't, please drop us a line to, and we'll get right on to it.

In fact, even if you're not at the show and you see something interesting announced that we haven't got to, let us know, and we can do something about it.

We'll also have our advertising team at the show. These are the people that sell adverts so that RedShark can be free.

If you're a company at NAB that wants to take advantage of one of the best platforms to advertise to the film and TV production industry, drop a line to our VP of Sales for the Americas, Steve Stoltz: or you can call him on +1 215 901 9495.

We're a "Media Sponsor" for NAB, so you'll see our signage everywhere. If you're not able to be at the show - keep coming back to throughout the day.

If you are there, come and say "hello" to us.

We look forward to seeing you!

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