4K is the new norm in consumer televisions

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Sony4K is the new norm

The future of 4K looks assured according to the latest figures and some analysis from CES.

Behind the in-your-face loveliness of the new TVs on show at CES 2015 lie some interesting figures that show 4K TVs are not only here to stay, but will pretty much be the only type available within a very short time.

You can read the full analysis from TechHive here, but here’s our summary:

TechHive looked at more than 70 TVs at the show - enough to at least spot the significant trends.

First of all - and this is an amazing figure - they found that 92% of the displays on show had 4K or higher resolution. Virtually all of them, in other words. A word of caution here: this is not the same figure as the percentage of 4K sets in manufacturer’s product ranges, but TechHive tells us that LG will have more than 60% 4K sets in their 2015 product lineup.

There’s lots more in the article but one final point: “Price Per Inch” - the price you pay per inch of diagonal screen size - has been dropping massively for some time, and, as you’d expect, it’s going back up again because of 4K. But only to 2010 levels! In that year, the average price per inch was $44. Last year it was only $20, but it’s back up to $42 now - because of the extra cost of 4K TVs. But this means that if you bought a TV more than five years ago, even 4K TVs will seem cheaper to you now.

Again, read the full article here

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