360 degree racing video

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Red Bull/RedSharkRacing in 360 degrees


Red Bull, the company known for its alternative marketing, thrills with a high speed, user- controlled experience.

Extreme sports, homemade flying machines, a drop from the stratosphere - you name it, Red Bull has probably done it. Well, it seems they have done it again.

Never at a loss for new and innovative ways to promote its namesake energy drink, Red Bull has teamed with Making View, a Norway-based outfit specializing in 360 degree imaging technology, for another marketing marvel. They mounted a Making View ViewCam to record the full 360 degree view of a Formula One racer. And, best of all, you have the power to control the action!

Pan past the crowd as you whip around a curve. See what’s behind you as you tear down a straightaway. The fluidity of perspective change makes watching the video akin to playing a fast, fixed course video game. That’s a long-winded way of saying, “It’s a blast!”

Check it out for yourself.

Note: The site is in Norwegian, but the directions are in English (and not really needed). Just hit play and enjoy.

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