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Infographic: 27 Years of Shark Week!

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Courtesy of our friends at Avoca Water, we have a sprawling infographic celebrating Shark Week, its glorious 27 year run, and the titular apex predator.

Generally, we at RedShark don't publish infographics, unless they specifically speak to our readership of film professionals. But who doesn't love Shark Week? (We do - we are RedShark, after all.) Each year, Discovery Channel devotes a block of programming to that most efficient of nature's killing machines, the shark. To be fair, not all sharks are as scary as, say, the Great White or the even greater Megalodon, but for the purposes of teasing an infographic, let's just pretend they're all gigantic, savage beasts ready to take over your living room with their -NADO antics.

I may be confusing up my Shark-themed entertainment. To keep it all straight, please check out the infographic below, generously provided by the folks at Avoca Water Technologies, an Irish company that specializes in making your (drinking) water safe.

Avoca Water IG August 2

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