Canon EOS 7D Mk II announcement may be on Sept 4th/5th. New camera "may be like 1DC"

Written by RedShark News Staff

Canon7D announcement Rumor

The new 7D Mk II may be a bit like the 1DC. We'll find out early in September. By RedShark Staff Writer Matt Gregory

With PhotoKina coming right after IBC (we're not even going home in-between!), and with it being a two-yearly show, you can virtually guarantee that some important cameras will be announced.

And it's hard to think of a DSLR that's more overdue for replacement than the Canon EOS 7D. This has been around for longer than virtually any other DSLR, and is therefore probably the best candidate for a giant leap forward.

A lot of 1DX

The eponymously named Canon Rumors reckons the new camera will be announced in the first week of September, on 4th/5th September, depending on where you live. And - intriguingly - they've been told "there's a lot of 1DX in it".

Well, that leaves us guessing. Which aspect of the 1DX will it be? Hopefully not the price. And possibly not the 4K capability of the 1DC, although it's long been speculated that that's just a firmware difference.

There are rumors too of a new sensor technology - although this could be anything from a minor variation on an existing sensor to something radically different - like Sony's curved sensor, perhaps?

We'll all know all in five weeks.


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