06 Jan 2014

The RedShark Interview with Michael Feerer of Pixelan

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RS: Subtle. I don’t tend to associate that with video effects I often see.

MF: To us, subtle is a key concept. Every one of our plug-ins does subtle looks in some way. That’s usually their main emphasis. Sure, because of their adjustability anyone can crank up our controls and create cutting-edge extreme looks too. That’s okay, as long as we give users a true choice to go either way.

Our effects and transitions have been used in everything from home videos and thousands of YouTube movies to indie films and big Hollywood productions. The effects we contribute are usually so subtle the audience doesn’t realize it happened. Only the editors know. That’s actually the best way, when the effect or transition enhances and the viewer has no clue one was used.

RS: SpiceMaster can flow any effect?

MF: Yes. It can softly or organically flow any of the built-in or third-party effects plugins in a user’s editing system. That leverages the visual power of a user’s entire collection of video effects. It gives people lots more creative control over all of them, without having to say detour into After Effects and climb an immense learning curve there.



RS: What came out from Pixelan after SpiceMaster?

MF: We released 3D Six-Pack as an alternative approach towards 3D particle transitions and page turns/rolls. Ours are beautifully flowing with wind, gravity and other environmental influences affecting how they disperse or come together. We also developed CreativEase, a suite of affordable video effects plug-ins that plugged some of the gaps in the effects capabilities of Premiere, Vegas, etc. Organic blurs and time-based motion effects, to name a few.

Then we spent about two years quietly in the background not introducing anything new. What we were doing was developing a hardware-accelerated plug-in architecture. With that near-real-time code foundation, and an all-new cool custom interface since most users now have hi-res screens, over the past 18 months we released DissolveMaster and FilmTouch 2.

RS: How is DissolveMaster unique?

MF: We aimed high -- to create the ultimate tool for dissolves and fades of all types, including some that were not previously possible. In most editing programs, dissolves and fades do not offer any adjustability or customization to achieve exactly the look you desire that best relates to your content. DissolveMaster changes that. It’s a great enhancement even for pure "cuts and dissolves" editors.

A simple cross dissolve is the most used video transition other than a cut. It’s simple, clean, and unobtrusive. Terrific. Drag and drop, and move on. That’s fine for some projects, but what if you are working on a digital film or other video where it might be advantageous to subtly start -- or end -- the dissolve in a particular place within the scene? Or tweak the dissolve’s uniformity slightly to relate to what’s occurring, such as emphasizing a subject’s motion or location? Or what if you want to add a subtle glow or blur momentarily to the dissolve’s expression? These are but a few examples of what DissolveMaster makes easy with a few clicks.

RS: Where can we see examples of this?

MF: We have a 2-minute DissolveMaster overview movie at the Pixelan YouTube channel. Several other movies are at our DissolveMaster main page. DissolveMaster includes more than 500 presets, and you can save your own easily, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time you apply it.


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