RedShark's interview with Blackmagic, including BMPCC shipping, and how DaVinci was essential to the development of the cameras

Written by David Shapton

RedShark/StudioTechInterview with Blackmagic at IBC 2013

Here's our post IBC show in its entirety. It's a long one - over an hour, so if you haven't got time for all of it in one session, we've indexed it below so you can jump straight to the parts that interest you

Full show - Post IBC round-up including all the interviews listed below

Red Shark / StudioTech - Post IBC Discussion

Blackmagic interview: Stuart Ashton, Director, Blackmagic EMEA
    BMPCC Shipping
    Dynamic range (13 stops)
    Raw in a future upgrade
    Recording in film mode to ProRes (complete with 13 stops dynamic range)
    Enabling Technology
    Blackmagic Stragegy
    Why BMD bought DaVinci
    How DaVinci purchase let to the development of the cameras
    Ultra HD is here - we have to accept it! Stuart Ashton, Director, Blackmagic EMEA


Sony Ci - interview with Naomi ClimerSony Ci - interview with Naomi Climer


    Robert Howard, CEO, Cooke Lenses

Robert Howard, CEO, Cooke Lenses
    Piers Leighton, Codex
Piers Leighton, Codex

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