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Brompton Technology debuts RGBW powered TrueLight

RGBW on the left, 'normal' RGB on the right
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RGBW on the left, 'normal' RGB on the right

Brompton Technology’s TrueLight aims to raise the bar for LED volumes and virtual production by putting the W into RGBW.

TrueLight is a new innovation from Brompton Technologies debuting on the LVCC show floor that uses the company’s Tessera G1, the industry's most powerful receiver card, to provide full calibration of the pixels and full control of the light spectrum emitted by an LED panel. In short it provides a broader spectral output, utilising extra emitters in addition to the standard RGB format. This, reckons the company, results in unparalleled colour rendering, illuminating individuals and objects with increased realism.

Booth demos are being made in collaboration with ROE Visual which is showcasing its brand-new Carbon 5 RGBW panel powered by TrueLight. Carbon 5 RGBW is the first panel of its kind calibrated by Hydra to offer a fourth emitter providing a broad spectrum white (white being, of course, the W in RGBW).

So, backing up a bit, TrueLight leverages Brompton's proprietary Dynamic Calibration technology, which is undertaken by the company’s Hydra advanced measurement system. Brompton reckons this is the only system on the market capable of providing complete spectrally-aware calibration for extra emitters to ensure that colorimetric precision, full colour and luminance correction are applied on a per-pixel basis, thus delivering the image quality necessary for direct-view applications, including reflections. All possible RGBW spectral mixes are fully corrected, maintaining calibration accuracy at all times.

“Thanks to TrueLight technology, users can dynamically adapt the spectral behaviour using controls in the processor UI, including optionally disabling the ‘W’ LEDs for conventional fully-calibrated RGB-only operation,” explains Cesar Caceres, Brompton's Product Lead.

There’s a lot going on under the hood here. Utilising the full range of Tessera software features, TrueLight takes advantage of PureTone for consistent linearity of both RGB and ‘W’ LED output, ThermaCal for temperature correction of all LED colours, ShutterSync to eliminate on-camera artefacts for RGBW lighting and direct-view applications, and Extended Bit Depth to significantly enhance the dynamic range of RGBW output, amongst others. The results should be worth seeing.

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