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Sennheiser Memory Mic: A smartphone mic that works at range

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The Sennheiser Memory Mic looks like an affordable option for those who capture video with a smartphone, producing professional sound at an affordable price.

It's essentially a lav mic that can really increase production value, or be used as an external audio recording device when filming with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, for example.

We've seen it before: Videos captured from a smartphone with average sound, even if it is similar to using a dedicated camera microphone, recording sound with a Smartphone's built-in mic will only be good if the subject is close and facing the mic.

That's where the Sennheiser Memory Mic comes in: This microphone first connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and then the company promises not to worry about range. This is because the mic stores up to 4 hours of recorded audio, and will synchronize automatically back to the smartphone via the Sennheiser Memory Mic App (iOS and Android).

The mic attaches to the subject via a magnetic clip, and it's ready to go. Whether using it for filming with a smartphone, or as an affordable mic option that will record great audio while filming with a separate camera, the Memory Mic will help improve audio quality. This is perfect for those who record on-the-fly interviews, vlogs, home movies, and much more. And priced at $199 USD, it's a pretty good deal.


Great audio starts with a dedicated microphone, and there's no excuse for using the built-in mic of a smartphone - or a camera - to record dialogue. Mediocre to bad audio turns off many viewers, and the Sennheiser Memory Mic is a good option to getting better audio, especially at the $199 price point. Visit the Sennheiser site for more details.

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