iRig Pro Duo I/O: A Dual audio interface that fits into your pocket

Written by Simon Wyndham

IK Multimedia

At last weeks NAMM Show IK Multimedia showcased its new MIDI/XLR audio interface for mobile devices, and it looks intriguing indeed.

If there's one big limitation when it comes to using a smartphone for filming with, it's that it can be quite tricky to get good audio, and the options for audio input are fairly limiting currently. Help is on hand now, though, with the iRig Pro Duo I/O. the iRig Pro Duo I/O is a mobile 2-channel audio/MIDI interface for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Mac/PC computers.

iRig Pro Duo view.jpg

The iRig Pro Duo I/O offers a pro quality audio interface that fits into your pocket. Image: IK Multimedia

It enables high quality dual-channel recording wherever you might find yourself, and it is aimed at both musicians and Vloggers alike. The device can run off two AA batteries, USB power, or via an optional external PSU, giving you a lot of options when it comes to powering it.

It is compatible with a wide range of apps, including GarageBand, FilMiC Pro, and Bossjack Studio. When you purchase the device you are given free access to over $500 of IK software, apps, and content. This includes apps such as VocaLive for iOS, AmpliTube, iRig Recorder, Mic Room and SampleTank.

iRig Pro Duo multi-view.jpg

Image: IK Multimedia

The real beauty of the iRig Pro Duo is in its sheer connectivity. Options include MIDI in/out , 2x 1/4" XLR in, two 1/4" balanced out, headphone out, and direct monitor, which allows latency free monitoring of the incoming sound, perfect for use with video apps. 48v Phantom power is also catered for, along with full physical dials for left and right gain. The company claims that device utilises Class-A preamps for the absolute best audio quality.

The device is finished with a rubberised finish to help it stand to the rigours of day-to-day use.

The iRig Pro Duo I/O will be available from late January with a price tag of $/€199.99 (excluding taxes). Find out more on the IK Multimedia website.

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