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iZotope demos audio witchcraft and wizardry with RX7

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RedSharkWizardry on show at the iZotope IBC stand.

Sometimes you don’t just have to see something demonstrated, you have to hear it as well, as these three new features in iZotope’s powerful RX 7 audio repair package show.

Red Shark’s Bas Goossens tees this one up nicely, saying that you are just about to see “Three features that are witchcraft and wizardry in the audio world.”

He’s not wrong either, from dialling down the noise of crickets in a soundtrack, to getting automatic recommendations on cleaning up files, this is a great demonstration of exactly what you can achieve with modern software such as RX 7.

“It’s a huge time-saver for the people working in a professional environment on a short turnaround,” iZotpe’s Richard Morson says about the new Repair Assistant feature, which analyses audio files then sifts through the progam’s multiple modules to provide three options for rectifying faults.

“With noise, the repair of audio can be quite a labour-intensive process when you have to try a few different things to find the best solution. We’ve tried to take some of the guesswork out of that with Repair Assistant. It’s also useful because there are a large number of users out there that know they need RX to repair stuff but can get confused by the number of modules that are available. For the non-technical or the less-experienced it’s a good way of helping them. But in the main it’s a huge time-saver.”

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