Recreating that essential analogue sound

Written by Andy Stout

iZotopeAll vinyl 'imperfections' can be regulated

For all those missing the pops, scratches, crackles and more of vintage records and record players, Izotope is rereleasing a free and enhanced version of its Vinyl plug-in as part of its 15th birthday celebrations.

Billed as the “ultimate lo-fi weapon for anyone looking to add the dirty, dusty feel of a different era to their sound,” Vinyl was iZotope’s very first product back in 2001, and the new version of the software has been suitably overhauled so that it is 64-bit compatible on both Mac and PC. The list of supported formats has also been expanded to include AAX and VST3.

There is also a new Spin Down button that simulates slowly stopping the playback of a record, giving results that can apparently range from a dramatic full stop to a subtler nuance on an individual instrument. Dust, scratches, crackles, pops, and the warping of a worn record can all be simulated, as as well as the mechanical noises of a turntable.

Back in the day, the novelty of a free digital effect that offered flexibility over analogue sounds made the plug-in a success and it was used extensively on songs, soundtracks, films, games and more. And while since then we’ve seen the establishment of a near mass-market analogue scene again — forecast the trend for 180gsm releases in 2001 and you might have been accused of being on something — Vinyl the plug-in still remains a lot quicker and a lot more controllable to use than vinyl the LP.

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