Strange Sound Effect libraries: They don't get much odder than this.

Written by RedShark News Staff

KontaktKontakt Barn Door Sound Effects


Well, this is unusual. We're quite used to seeing audio sound effects libraries and samples of all kinds of things from exotic North Korean bagpipes to banjos, but this is something different

It's a library of samples from Kontakt created with an old barn door.

It's ideal on the face of it for each and every movie you've ever wanted to make featuring old barns and metal barn doors. So, seemingly, this has a ready made market out there for just about no copies at all.

But there's more to it than that.

"Kicked, hammered and scraped"

This particular door is a huge metal one and was "kicked, hammered, scraped with all sorts of tools, axed, and then kicked some more to achieve the samples needed."

The huge ambience of the barn itself was also captured.

Objects around the barn were also used to create a soundscape that could enhance almost any horror or Sci Fi film

You can audition this aural oddity after the break







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