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Atomos Edit beta on show plus new cloud enhancements

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Atomos has a number of announcements for NAB 2023 indicating the company’s commitment to cloud-based content management and camera to delivery workflows.

The first of these is Atomos entering into a memorandum of understanding with Vancouver and Tokyo based Streamtronix in an innovative pilot project to link Atomos Cloud to their Streamtronix Media Streaming Federation (MSF) test network. This will allow assets stored or streamed to the Atomos Cloud servers to link to the MSF network for immediate livestreaming of up to 8K content with low latency, high bitrate streams thereby creating a complete livestreaming platform from camera to Atomos device to Atomos Cloud to viewers. As a pilot project, this will provide an opportunity to assess and refine the effectiveness of this complete workflow.

Another significant collaboration which Atomos has announced is integration with the Sony Ci Media Cloud platform. Sony Ci has proven to be a secure, fast and versatile platform for content creators all the way to major studio productions and with this integration, Atomos CONNECT users can upload directly to whatever folder they desire in their Sony Ci account. The Atomos CONNECT device can upload 1080p proxies to Ci with the full resolution content remaining local. Files are then instantly transcoded and are available to team members for immediate review. The basic access from Atomos to Sony Ci is free and for $5/€5 one can register up to 5 Atomos devices.

Perhaps the most exciting NAB development is the announcement of Atomos Edit in collaboration with AxelAI. Atomos CONNECT users now have the ability to edit clips uploaded to the Atomos Cloud and deliver to directly to social media platforms. Atomos Edit is a fully-featured NLE with multi-track timelines, collaborative review capabilities, fast upload of large files, direct import of stock footage, sequence versioning, transitions and most important, multi-user editing with timeline locking. Completed projects can then be uploaded directly to Vimeo or YouTube. 

Atomos Edit represents a potentially important step in rapid turnaround of projects and the collaborative capabilities that only a cloud-based workflow can provide. Atomos will market three subscription plans with details to follow, but we do have the costs; they range from free to $5/€5 to $50/€50 per month. No release date has been announced but Atomos will be showing a beta demo at its NAB 2023 booth.

Tags: Post & VFX