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Angelbird intros new CFexpress cards for next gen workflows

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With the demand growing for bigger cards with more storage space and higher performance, Angelbird has released two new CFexpress Type B SE and SX memory cards.

Angelbird, which specialises in all sorts of high-end capture memory cards and SSDs, has added two new CFexpress B memory cards to its AV PRO line: the 1TB CFexpress B SE card for up to 8K + RAW, and the smaller 330GB CFexpress B SX card for photographers shooting 12K + RAW. 

The company says that the demand for bigger cards with more storage space and higher performance is growing due to technology improvements including higher resolution and higher frame rates. Both cards come with a reading speed of 1785MB/s, but Angelbird has pushed the performance of the new CFexpress B SE card with a sustained writing speed of 1300 MB/s and a maximum writing speed of 1550 MB/s. That is a big improvement over the older version which had a speed of 800 MB/s and a maximum of 850MB/s. 

The smaller 330GB SX card takes the writing speed even further with a sustained speed of 1480 MB/s and a maximum speed of 1600 MB/s. That enables capturing images up to 12K + RAW, which makes it ideal for taking pictures of any fast-moving objects such as wildlife, sports events, and pretty much anything using burst photography.

The AV PRO CFexpress B SE 1TB retails for 299.99 EUR/USD and AV PRO CFexpress B SX 330GB also retails for 299.99 EUR/USD (add tax in both cases).

“Angelbird has long been a niche ‘in-the-know' brand among professional filmmakers and photographers. We have earned the trust of our customers and industry partners with reliable high-performance media and personalized service," says Roman Rabitsch, Founder and CEO Angelbird Technologies GmbH. "With the CFexpress Type B SE and SX lines we wanted to offer advanced technology cards that meet the unique needs of vloggers, video enthusiasts, students, and part-time-professionals - people who are serious about improving the quality of their production, who just maybe aren’t bankrolled by Netflix (yet!).”

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