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AJA ColorBox achieves RED certification

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AJA Video Systems’ ColorBox has become the first color management and color conversion solution to be certified as compatible with RED’s lineup of cinema cameras.

Since launching last fall, the AJA ColorBox has made some impressive strides as a color management and conversion solution across production environments. Essentially, it’s a powerful video processing device designed to perform LUT-based color transformations and offers advanced-level color science with AJA Color Pipeline, as well as several look management approaches, including Colorfront, ORION-CONVERT, BBC, and NBCU LUTs.

For live and scripted television, ColorBox’s RED-compatible certification level spans a wide range of RED cameras and ensures productions can leverage their preferred camera to capture and color correct footage live. This can be achieved with RED-provided LUTs using the AJA Color Pipeline or RED Log3G10 processing supported by AJA ColorBox’s optional Colorfront license. A third-party hardware control panel like Skaarhoj or Cyanview then allows operators to control either mode with tactile controls akin to those available with broadcast cameras. ColorBox’s RED-certification status also ensures cinema production professionals can seamlessly operate their RED cameras and ColorBox together on set for streamlined HDR/SDR grading.

“ColorBox is the first RED-certified product for video processing, and this certification is a huge stamp of approval for color workflows built on RED technology,” said AJA President, Nick Rashby. “Working with the RED team on the certification was highly productive, and we look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.”


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