Accusonus Mauvio app brings professional audio filters to your iphone

Written by Simon Wyndham

The new Accusonus Mauvio app apparently works magic on your mobile audio, with an interface that anybody can use. The results sound impressive.

The Accusonus Mauvio audio app gives you professional audio fixing on your iPhone.Accusonus is no stranger to professional audio. Now it has brought that expertise to your phone. Image: Accusonus.

Mention the words professional, audio, and phone to an actual audio professional, and you'll probably receive a similar reaction to the same sort of comparison with video. However, as we keep saying on RedShark, the very real fact is that there are people out there making money by creating media with their phones and other 'lesser' gear.

With that in mind it only stands to reason that media creators like that are given tools that help them to enhance their work. One of the latest apps to do this is Accusonus Mauvio for iPhone, which brings sophisticated audio filters to your phone.

Accusonus is no stranger to professional audio. Readers will be familiar with the company's other products such as the ERA4 audio repair plugins. Users of those will know that the company prides itself on being able to take some of the most sophisticated audio processing and make it super easy to use. In the case of ERA4, this often boiled down to one simple control knob. Yet the results are often remarkable.

Accusonus has taken this focus on simplicity and applied it to Mauvio as well. Mauvio is designed for mobile Vloggers, and works by enhancing and fixing what could possibly be quite poor audio.

The app offers a one click fix for background noise reduction, audio balance, voice tone, and volume enhancement. You can hear the difference by toggling the Before/After switch. Each of the effects fixes can be individually switched on and off, too. But by default the app works as one single toggle.

The app can work from videos that you have already recorded, or by recording a new clip within the app itself.

Mauvio is free to use for the first 10 exports, and it is available now from the Apple App Store. After that it costs £2.99 per month or £9.99 per year. If you area serial selfie Vlogger this would be a paltry amount to spend for better audio. Have a watch of the video below for some examples of it in action.

Find out more on the Accusonus website.


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