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A trio of new lenses from Laowa

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The ever-active Laowa has announced a lot of new glass in recent weeks.

Laowa (Venus Optics) has unveiled a new set of Proteus 2X T2 Anamorphic cine prime lenses, showing off the 288mm and 100mm T2 lenses along with the T2 Ranger Lite Series of cine zooms.

The new Proteus T2 2X Anamorphic lenses, the 28mm and 100mm, are part of a greater set of lenses, which include the already released 35mm, 45mm, 65mm, and 85mm lenses.


The entire line of Proteus 2X Anamorphic lenses feature the same T2 aperture. Additionally, all lenses have the same 2X anamorphic squeeze, pleasing oval bokeh, and a nice focus falloff. The 28mm has a minimum focus of 48cm (18.89 in.) and the 100mm features a 99 cm (38.97 in.). Sharpness and overall quality remain the same in the lens set.

These are very nice, well-constructed, and fast T2 2X anamorphic prime lenses. The new Proteus T2 2X 28mm and 100mm T2 2X lenses will launch in November 2023 at $4999 each.

The other big announcement from Laowa from out of IBC was the Ranger Lite Cine Zooms, made from the same material commonly used in aircraft frames, magnalium. Strong and lightweight, these new lenses should be easier to carry and use compared to the standard Ranger line of lenses (10% lighter). They will ship in a space grey color.


The only other information Laowa has released about the Ranger Lite Cine Zooms is they'll be available in November 2023, much like the Proteus T2 2X 28mm and 100mm lenses, but for a cheaper $2999 each

Laowa is known for its solid, well-built glass for a variety of applications, from film to video production. These new lenses offer enough features — and in the case of the Ranger Lite set, lower weight — to consider adding to your quiver. And if you have already invested in the Proteus T2 2X Anamorphic lens set, adding the 28mm and 100mm is a no-brainer if you have additional funds to cover them.

And, just as we were about to publish this story, the company announced another new lens set:  a purpose-built super micro lens for full-frame cameras, the Aurogon FF 10-50x NA0.5 Supermicro APO lens set.

Aurogon FF 10-50x_DSC04812

Featuring a fixed long 20mm working distance for all magnification ratios, photographers can simply replace different tube lenses to achieve 10X, 20X, 35X, or 50X magnification without changing the working distance and other setup. An adjustable NA from 0.5 to 0.15 provides exceptional brightness during focus and can be adjusted to minimize diffraction when paired with different cameras and lighting setups. And they ship at a budget-friendly price of $1500 for the full set.

Check out the Laowa site for more information.

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