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30th anniversary CABSAT 2024 takes place in Dubai next week

A demo underway at CABSAT 2023
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A demo underway at CABSAT 2023

Following NAB, Dubai is the venue for the next major international trade show as CABSAT 2024 takes place from May 21.

CABSAT, the Middle East’s flagship event for content, broadcast, satellite, media, and entertainment, will celebrate its 30th anniversary with its return to the Dubai World Trade Centre from May 21 till 23 next week.

The Content Congress will provide a space for digital innovators, industry leaders, and content creators to discuss new trends, opportunities, and challenges. The Content Congress will explore key industry trends, including the emergence of OTT content consumption, in light of the projection that 44.9% of global internet users will engage with OTT content in 2024. In addition, they will look at the increasing demand for immersive media experiences, content monetisation strategies, and the future of broadcasting through interactive panel discussions, keynote addresses, and interactive workshops.

The event will also offer a great opportunity to network and hear from industry experts. A two-day programme will address significant topics through several sessions, such as ‘What AI could mean for the Middle East Media Industry,’ ‘Who is More Original: Human vs. AI’, and others. 

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Likewise, hands-on discussions about social and environmental responsibility in the media industry will enable visitors to broaden their perspectives and gain insights into ethical business practices. These additional benefits ensure a more personalised and immersive experience, allowing attendees to engage in meaningful discussions, build new relationships, and increase the visibility of the industry.

More info at https://cabsat.com/

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