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Zhiyun releases MOLUS G300 COB light

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The new Zhiyun MOLUS G300 COB light packs a lot of punch into an agreeably small body.

The new Zhiyun MOLUS G300 COB light looks to balance power and size. It’s certainly small. At 148 x 259 x 84mm (5.83in x 10.02in x 3.31in) and 2.772kg (6.11lb) without the reflector, Zhuiyun claims it is one quarter the length of a traditional studio light and up to 60% lighter.

It’s got the power game as well. In normal circumstances, the MOLUS G300 delivers adjustable color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K and a peak brightness of 15500 Lux. However, a MAX Extreme Mode instantly boosts its output to an impressive 500W (20300 Lux). Happily, it is also equipped with the company’s DynaVort Cooling System MKⅡ, which enables for ‘exceptional’ heat dissipation even at that overclocked power.

It supports 180-degree directional adjustment on a light stand and omnidirectional conversion. With a built-in umbrella hole, a newly upgraded power interface, and a light grip, scene transition can be achieved with decent speed.

Zhiyun has introduced an upgraded control system too. The MOLUS G300 features a separate control unit connected by a usefully long 7.5-meter cable and is equipped with cushions, USB firmware upgrade capabilities, and an advanced display for precise adjustments.

It features 14 built-in lighting effects and with the new Live Mode the light performs the useful trick of turning on instantly upon connecting to a power source. Wireless control is available via the ZY Vega App, which enables users to do all the usual things, streamlining multi-light setups, and fine-tune settings.

A Bowens mount design opens up a wide range of third party modifiers, while Zhiyun also has its own available including a Lantern Softbox, Octagonal Softbox, Parabolic Softbox, and Rectangular Softbox.


Plenty of modifiers are available for the MOLUS G300 COB 

Price is $599 or local equivalent and it’s shipping as of now.

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