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World’s highest capacity portable HDDs from Western Digital

Up to 6TB capacities are now available for the WD My Passport hard drive line
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Up to 6TB capacities are now available for the WD My Passport hard drive line

Western Digital now offers up to 6TB of storage in a small portable hard drive to match the ever-growing needs of creators.

The demand for expansive storage solutions has never been greater. Western Digital's latest innovation is a portable HDD expansion across its Professional product lines offering the world’s highest storage capacity in a 2.5” portable HDD to access and preserve vast amounts of digital data.

The My Passport Ultra drive offers reliable and portable storage solution, featuring USB-CTM technology. Ready to use straight out of the box, it's billed as slim and easy to transport. With built-in password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption, it safeguards content with top-notch security. 

“Expanding our portfolio with the world’s first 2.5” 6TB portable hard drive is an
incredible technological achievement, enabling us to continue pushing the
boundaries of what's possible,” said Nitin Kachhwaha, Director of Product Management
at Western Digital. “Offering up to 6TB in such a small form factor and accessible price
point gives everyone—from students, gamers, professional videographers, and more—
greater flexibility to create and keep even more of their essential content in one portable


Here are the different HDD options for 6TB storage:

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