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Watch an incredible demo of the Mavis Live cloud production system

The incredible MAVIS Live system.
The incredible MAVIS Live system.

Redshark’s Bas Goossens talks to Atomos' Paul Scurrell, Senior VP Product, Wes Plate, Senior Workflow Designer, and Phil Watten, CTO and Co-founder of Mavis, on the NAB 2022 show floor about the new cloud workflow products that the companies have developed.

We're taken through the capabilities of the new Atomos Connect range of products and how they interact with Frame.io's Camera-to-Cloud, as well as the incredible new cloud based live production studio system, Mavis Live. Phil promised that our minds would be blown, and he was right! This is a system that really has to be seen to be believed.

Phil shows a demonstration of how a multi-camera live production can be controlled from anywhere in the world with almost zero latency. As Phil tells us, it looks like magic because it is magic!

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