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Using your GoPro properly: Here's a great video by the pros

Daydream by Abe Kislevitz
1 minute read

Daydream by Abe Kislevitz

GoPro ace Abe Kislevitz once again shows how to make amazing video with the tiniest of cameras.                                                                       

Daydream by Abe Kislevitz
This is how to use your GoPro properly. Image: Abe Kislevitz

The work of Abe Kislevitz is something of a semi regular feature on RedShark, but it's for good reason. As one of the primary content producers for GoPro and someone who works for the company he's one of the best placed people around to know how to get the best from these cameras.

Most of the things he suggests can be applied to any action camera however. Of course he has access to a lot more equipment than most average action camera users, but his work still serves to inspire.

I have to admit, as if you haven't guessed already, that I love these cameras myself. Using professional cameras for paying video shoots is one thing, but it's a great freedom to use a small camera like these to simply play about and experiment with. Whilst they come nowhere near the quality of larger cameras, what they can do is impressive. But the fixed lens requires some knowledge and work to get the best out of them.

In the video below Abe takes a surfing trip out with some friends. It's a sort of docu-montage of sorts. Simultaneously the finished edit, whilst incorporating tips and tricks for viewers throughout. I won't say much more other than to say it's often beautiful to look at, as well as giving some very useful tips and inspiration along the way.