Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K update adds features to the original camera

Written by Simon Wyndham

Blackmagic Design has announced the release of a new software update that adds features and fixes issues on the original Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G1 model.

The original URSA Mini Pro has received a new software update. Image: Blackmagic Design.
The original URSA Mini Pro has received a new software update. Image: Blackmagic Design.

The new update fixes a bug that caused problems with highlights in the camera with a software release earlier this week. This was quickly pulled from the BMD site, so it is good to see that the issue has been solved very quickly.

The new release also improves performance in other areas. The full list of changes is as follows,

  • Updated this release to fix highlights issue.
  • Added language localisation support.
  • Added slider and 1/3rd stop increments when adjusting ISO.
  • Added common off-speed frame rate options above slider.
  • Added ability to embed custom LUTs in Blackmagic RAW clips.
  • Added sidetone level adjustment.
  • Added improved ballistics and scaling of audio meters.
  • Added choice of -18 or -20dB reference levels for audio meters.
  • Added ability to remap the HFR button.
  • Added ability to disable function and HFR buttons.
  • Added ability to remap VTR and Ret buttons on B4 lenses.
  • Added quick media switching from the heads up display.
  • Added support for HDR metadata in SDI output.
  • Added 'LUT' icon to status text overlays.
  • Added 'PRE' icon to status text overlays for preset timecode.
  • Added 2:1, 1:1 and 4:5 monitoring frame guides.
  • Added customizable frame guides.
  • Added ability to lock timecode to SDI Input.
  • Retain jam synced timecode after power cycle.
  • Improved jam sync timecode accuracy after playback.
  • Improved stability when using external or program reference.
  • Improved compatibility for embedded audio on SDI outputs.
  • Improved accuracy of status text on SDI outputs.
  • Improved ND filter status text.
  • Improved auto exposure speed and performance.
  • Improved media formatting user interface.

Most of the changes are small, but useful non the less, and it is nice to see that BMD is continuing to update and support its older models.

Download the update from the Blackmagic Design support page.

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