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Top ten coolest action camera videos. No. 10

Image: Zimy Da Kid.
1 minute read
Image: Zimy Da Kid.

It's Action Camera Month here at RedShark, so we're doing a countdown of some of the greatest looking action camera videos we've seen.

If we're honest, all of the videos we're featuring here are in no particular order, since they all have their own merits. We begin with a short that is in fact a third party promo for the DJI Action 2 camera, produced by Zimy Da Kid. The majority of the edit was produced using the Action 2, although there is a deft mix with shots taken with a larger camera.

We love this piece because it shows how an action camera can be mixed with larger cameras almost seamlessly, as well as demonstrating great use of transitions and sound design to bring the whole thing together.

Another thing we love is the in-depth BTS video that Zimy produced, showing how all the shots were captured, along with the issues he had to work around and his thoughts on the camera itself. Watch it below.

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