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Top ten coolest action camera videos: No.8

Image: Insta360.
Image: Insta360.

This promo from Insta360 for its drone Sphere system is one of the most creative we've seen.

Okay, yes, this is an outright promo for a product, but it is very, very cool indeed. It was produced by Christoph Benfey for Insta360 using its new Sphere system. The Insta360 Sphere is a new device that clips onto your drone to give full 360 degree footage, effectively taking the possibilities for FPV shots to a new level.

This is demonstrated to incredible effect in the video below, along with some deft use of After Effects to create a very "Inception" like view of the world. It's all highly creative and effective in its execution, demonstrating just what's possible with tools that are now available to everyone.

See how Christoph made the video below.

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