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Top AV industry tech innovations and trends for 2024

On the FIRA show floor at ISE 2024
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On the FIRA show floor at ISE 2024

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is now in its 20th year and has firmly cemented its place on the tradeshow calendar. Here are some of the top AV industry tech innovations and trends we saw at ISE 2024 in Barcelona.

Blackmagic's Micro Studio Camera

Blackmagic has reintroduced the compact Micro Studio Camera for broadcasting, providing cinematic 4K footage for live productions. Its small size allows for portability, making it suitable for on-the-go setups or discreet placement on stage without drawing attention. Equipped with the widely-used MFT lens mount, 12G-SDI, HDMI, and a built-in color corrector, this camera offers versatility and high-quality performance for a range of applications.


Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera in action

Sony brings Honda motorbike to Virtual Production

Sony offers a unique hardware solution for virtual production, covering the entire workflow. At this year's ISE, Sony demonstrated the workflow's capabilities through a compelling example – a product launch featuring a Honda motorbike. The presentation was definitely impressive and showed what high-end virtual production is capable of, even when just set up on an exhibition center show floor!


SONY VENICE 2 capturing live footage in front of a Crystal LED VERONA wall

Panasonic's showstopping digital globe

In collaboration with Globoccess, Panasonic introduced a cutting-edge digital globe that utilizes the power of Panasonic's 4K projectors to project dynamic animations onto a spherical display. This is a fairly big deal, as all 2D maps have to make sometimes huge compromises when 'unwrapping' that curved surface. Panasonic was impressive elsewhere, too, with an impressively diverse product range spanning from displays and projectors to 4K PTZ cameras and studio cameras.


This interactive digital globe was powered with Panasonic's 4K projectors

Logitech showcases modular design

Logitech, a well-known hardware manufacturer in office spaces and the education sector (not to mention gaming) with its keyboards, webcams, and mice, took a significant leap into sustainability and modular design. It's making increasing use of  Next Life plastics across its range,  essentially post-consumer recycled plastic that comes from electronics that might have otherwise ended up in landfills. Logitech products were also an integral part of the displays on 23 other manufacturers' booths at the show. 


Logitech web camera, mouse, keyboard, and headsets

The first look at ATOMOS Cloud Studio 2.0 and added NDI connections

ATOMOS unveiled the latest ATOMOS Cloud Studio 2.0, showcasing enhanced capabilities that now support up to 8 different camera sources. The platform introduces a variety of new overlays for users to experiment with. Alongside software improvements, ATOMOS also expanded its range of monitor recorders by incorporating more NDI connections, thereby extending NDI connectivity technology to a broad spectrum of cameras.


ATOMOS showcasing its Cloud Studio 2.0 solutions for live production

Samsung and the transparent Micro LED

Samsung offers diverse display solutions, from LED displays to 8K LCD signage and interactive whiteboards. From outdoor displays to those tailored for office and hospitality settings, Samsung's lineup of high-resolution monitors delivers impressive visual solutions. The highlight of the showcase, however, was, without a doubt, the transparent Micro LED display, stealing the spotlight with its innovative and captivating features.


Have you ever seen a transparent Micro LED display before? Me neither...

MRMC brings its Rail Lift System to another level

MRMC's impressive new RLS-1 Rail Lift System now brings not only side-to-side motion but also vertical motion to its production solutions. With customizable height configurations, you can build yourself a solution suitable for streaming PTZ productions from live events to conferences, lectures, or other corporate events. 


MRMC's new RLS-1 Rail Lift System goes to new heights

MATROX ConvertIP - the tech behind Sphere Las Vegas

MATROX introduced ConvertIP, a powerful solution designed to enhance large spaces such as stadiums, arenas, or airports through its innovative daisy-chaining capabilities. This technology enables the seamless and cost-effective distribution of multiple content streams throughout the entire physical environment. One impressive example is the Las Vegas Sphere!


This is what powers the Las Vegas Sphere

ASUS showcases different NUC desktops

In collaboration with Intel, ASUS joins forces to deliver the performance of a conventional computer in the compact form of a Mini PC. These solutions cater to power users seeking a straightforward, compact, yet versatile PC option for various settings, including businesses, industries, and even home use.


ASUS NUC solutions from business to home

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