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Top 5 wireless microphones for different needs

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Wireless microphones enable filmmakers to capture all the moments - discreetly with no need for cables. They allow you to get close to your subject for clear audio, and the best wireless microphones for filmmaking also provide the ability to mute separate mics, give you a flexible room arrangement, set up, and allow your subject to move freely. Here are the top 5 microphones for different needs.

Sennheiser EW 112P

You are going to lav these! One of the industry's premium brands, Sennheiser is always one to consider when it comes to audio. Sennheiser EW 112P microphones deliver both high-quality input as well as output. This investment is ideal for someone looking to really dive deep into video production.

The rugged all-in-one wireless system offers broadcast quality sound, including the clip-on microphone ME2-II (omni-directional) or ME 4 (cardioid) for daily on-location use. Its reliable transmission ranges up to 100 meters (330 feet) and operates up to 8 hours in one go.

Price: £569 inc. VAT

Røde Wireless Go II

The Røde brand is very good when it comes to audio, especially for professional production purposes, and is one of those brands you see at work on many sets. The RØDE Wireless GO II has a dual-channel to enable you to record two different sound sources simultaneously. You can also use this dual-channel as a single channel and get guaranteed sound output. The operation time is up to 7h with a transmission range of 200m. It's compatible with different computer models, cameras, and mobile devices, which makes this microphone convenient for many filmmakers.

Price: £279 inc. VAT


Best known for its drones, DJI Mic is a great microphone solution from DJI. It comes with two transmitters, each with built-in microphones. Both transmitters capture omnidirectional audio, which suits interviews or small studio operations. The receiver comes with a touchscreen display to select different essential settings. Both transmitters are packed with 14 hours of built-in storage to ensure smooth audio capture.

DJI MIC is able to record up to 250 meters with 5.5 hours of battery life or even 15 hours with the charging case. Recordings can be made separately via each channel and transferred via USB for easy and flexible post-production.

Price: £289 inc. VAT

Joby Wavo Air

If you are looking to create YouTube videos or other content, the Joby Wavo Air wireless microphone system could well be your friend. It comes with two transmitters and one receiver, and each lightweight 2.4GHz wireless transmitter has a microphone built into the top of the device. These mics have an omnidirectional polar pattern, which means you can capture sound from 360º around the subject.

With its built-in microphone, you can clip the transmitter inside of a t-shirt or use the LAV mic to hide the transmitter out of the way. Wireless audio transmission has a 6h battery life and it reaches up to 50 meters (over 50 yards) away from any video recording device.

Price: £214 inc. VAT

Deity Wireless Pocket

Definitely the most affordable option here, the Deity Pocket Wireless includes a lav mic and protective case. It also has USB-C and TRRS to connect your phone, laptop, cameras, and other audio recorders. The transmitter has a built-in microphone, but you can also plug in the Deity lav microphone with a 3.5mm locking audio jack. This microphone comes with an OLED display to suit all your preferred mounting options. With its Digital RF signal, you can get a reliable signal range of up to 100 meters with up to 5 hours of battery life.

Check out the Deity Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit - great for mobile video creators!

Price: £167.99


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