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5 of the best camera sliders for filmmakers

Camera sliders are very much not just confined to the studio... Pic:
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Camera sliders are very much not just confined to the studio... Pic: Shutterstock

Camera sliders are your everything when it comes to cinematic camera movement. They can reveal a scene, place a location, and capture movement smoothly. And they vary enormously in price, so here are 5 for 5 budgets. 

Camera sliders come in a vast range of styles and sizes. Even some of the sliders on this list aren't actually sliders, but dollies. What is common with all of them is that they are all wheeled tools responsible for repositioning the movement for specific types of shots. Depending on the scope of your production, these sliders vary quite a lot. Would you prefer motorised and remote-controlled slider? Or can you opt for a simple dolly paired with a smartphone or an action cam?

iFootage Shark Slider S1 - Great all-arounder

The S1 is a versatile and compact slider. Due to its lightweight design (3.4kg with resistance pulley), it is perfect to carry around from one location to another. On location, this can be placed on the ground with leg support or attached to a tripod. With a max payload of up to 7kg, this slider goes up to 790mm in length. The S1 has an additional extension kit for those needing the extra length.

The performance of the slider is incredibly smooth and it is definitely worth considering. iFootage Shark S1 is priced at £552 inc. VAT.


Rhino ROV - YouTubers be aware!

If you are looking for a small and easy slider, this one is for you. Recommended by several YouTubers, this slider can be easily controlled by your smartphone. Using a high-strength aluminum extrusion, this slider can produce smooth shots with your phone or with a bigger DSLR camera. Panning your video shots are smoothly captured with this one.

The unit works with batteries below a rubberized power button. Pressing it for a couple of seconds will cause it to flash blue, entering pairing mode. The slider doesn’t have any control buttons, so all the control happens through the partner app.

You can find this slider at £316 inc. VAT or a bundle set for £343 inc. VAT


Rhino Ultimate Slider Bundle - All you need and more

All you need in a slider bundle! This bundle really has it all. It puts together everything you’d need for a slider setup in a case that you can take with you to keep your gear organised throughout the days of shooting.

The bundle includes:

  • 1x Rhino Slider Pro 42”
  • 1x Rhino Arc II
  • 1x Rhino Focus
  • 1x Rhino Motor - High Torque
  • 1x Rhino Motor - High Speed
  • 1x Carbon 24” Rails
  • 1x Slider Hard Shell Case

This bundle is priced at £3202,80 inc. VAT.


Dana Dolly - The Slider on rails

Compared to previous sliders, Dana Dolly sits on rails that are locked into grips. It then rolls on these rails using skate wheels for smooth controlled movement. This is great for heavier cameras since it can handle the payload. 

What’s included in the box:

  • 1x Dolly

  • 2x "Universal"-style Track Ends

  • 1x 75mm Adapter

  • 1x 100mm Adapter

  • 1x 150mmAdapter

  • 1x Center Support

  • 1x Monitor Mount 

  • 1x Custom SKB Case

Dana Dolly is priced at £1285 inc. VAT

Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO V5

This small but portable slider works well because of its innovative design. It doubles in slide length on a tripod and makes it move faster. If you are looking to mount this on top of a tripod, make sure it is firm and stable. Despite this slider has strong and thick bars, if you push it too far when it comes to length, the moving system might not be enough for it.

What is great about edelkrone is that it also makes robotic camera heads that you can program into your time-lapse, to combine panning with a sliding motion. This works well if you're looking to track your subject.

This slider is priced at £879.60 inc. VAT

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