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This is a brilliant explainer for anamorphic lenses

Sirui anamorphic lens. Image: Sirui.
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Sirui anamorphic lens. Image: Sirui.

This brilliant explainer tells you everything you need to know about anamorphic lenses and why you should use one.

We're don't often link out to external blogs from RedShark, but occasionally we come across an article that is so rich in the information given that it would be a disservice to our readers not to link to it.

This is certainly the case for this blog on the Wedio filmmaking community by Daniel Sand. If you have a question about what an anamorphic lens is and what it does versus a traditional circular lens this article covers everything you need to know and more.

It does this with the use of some excellent infographics and well shot side-by-side example videos. Head on over and check it out. It's one of the best explainers on the subject we've seen.

Anamorphic shooting is becoming much more popular now due to the availability of much more affordable and lightweight glass. Classic anamorphics were large, heavy, cumbersome, and expensive. This is no longer the case and it may get to the point where having an anamorphic option will be something everyone has in their kit bag.

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