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The Fujifilm X100V gets ND functionality for video

Fujifilm X100V. Image: Fujifilm.
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Fujifilm X100V. Image: Fujifilm.

No sooner have I written an article bemoaning the lack of built in ND for video in mirrorless cameras than Fujifilm makes it a reality on the X100V.

Okay, so Fujifilm's mirrorless cameras do sometimes have built in ND filters. The X100V is one of them, incorporating a 4-stop ND system (there's no in between stops) that can be enabled by a switch on the front of the camera body. However it wasn't possible to use this for video, until now.

With the release of a new firmware update Fujifilm has enabled the ND system on the camera to be used for video, an extremely useful function if ever there was one. Now all we need is for other manufacturers to follow suit and offer a selection of ND stops and we're all set.

Fujifilm X100V firmware V2.00 main features

1. Support for FUJIFILM X Webcam
This update adds compatibility with the FUJIFILM X Webcam (X Webcam) software, which allows the camera to be used as a high-quality webcam by installing X Webcam on a computer and connecting the camera to a computer via a USB cable. 

2. Apply Film Simulations through X Webcam
Apply Fujifilm’s Film Simulation modes to provide a personal touch to any web meeting or interaction.

3. Use the built-in ND filter in the video mode
The built-in ND filter can now also be used in video mode, while recording video.

4.Set the Position of the Bright Frame to its Shifted Location
In optical viewfinder mode, the Bright Frame shifts to the actual shooting area when the shutter button is pressed halfway. This update adds an option to set the camera to remember the Bright Frame’s shifted location. Turning the setting to ON means the camera will not need to readjust the frame’s position every time focus is acquired.

5. Expanded Functionality
When using the digital teleconverter function, you can save still images in RAW + JPEG to the memory card.

The new firmware update will be available at the end of Feb 2021 along with new updates for the X-T30 and X-Pro3. Find out more on the Fujifilm X website.

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