08 Dec 2013

Super 8 bounces back with a new professional level super8 camera! Analogue filmmaking is back! Featured

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Film is back! People are actually designing and making film cameras again. And this one uses accessible film stock - Super 8mmm

A new professional level super 8 camera? I had a bit of a shock at first when I stumbled across news of a brand new professional level Super 8 camera. The camera features pin registration with a traditional film gate, a crystal sync motor, built in sound recording, video tap style functionality, takes c-mount lenses, and has camera firmware that can be updated. At first I believed in must be some kind of strange April fools joke or something, although you know, it isn’t exactly April.

The camera has been created by a Danish father and son team Tommy and Lasse. 63 year old Tommy is an expert on the Lathe and precision mechanics whereas his 30 year old son is similarly skilled in micro-controller software. Together they have put together a Super 8 camera that can rival high end 16mm cameras in functionality. We previously had an article about the possibility of people creating their own video cameras at home. We definitely weren’t expecting people to start creating their own film cameras in their homes however.

Super 8

The "Logmar" Super 8 camera as it is called, takes it’s cue from an obscure and mostly forgotten Super 8 high speed camera designed for scientific applications. It provides a way to extract film from a Super 8 cartridge and to form a conventional film loop such as you might find on 35mm and 16mm movie cameras. This allows the camera to sidestep all the compromises involved with the old cartridge system and effectively allows each little cartridge to act like a conventional film magazine (only of course they come pre-loaded with film so you don’t have to spend time with your hands in the changing bag hoping you have managed to get it all loaded correctly).



Inside the new Super 8 Camera - the film loop

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