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The Seiki 4K TV is now $966

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Seiki/RedsharkSeiki 4K TV now $966

Just a quick heads up for all you lucky people in the States: the Seiki 50" 4K TV is now available from Amazon for just $966 (including shipping). UPDATE: The price has gone back up

We've covered the Seiki 4K TV on RedShark a couple of times, when it was announced, first impressions, and an in-depth review

Initially we were impressed with the fact that a 50" 4K resolution TV could be had for the incredibly low price of just $1299 but now we have news that Amazon in the US are selling it for just $966 including shipping (!)

It must be true - it's on Amazon

We've no idea how long this will last but here is the link to Amazon's page

If you read the reviews there you will see that they are generally very good and somebody has even taken the time to post the settings to get it to run at 3840 x 2160 in Linux

Meanwhile here in Europe we can only drool, while for those of you in the US - it's now an impulse buy!

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