You will soon be able to order Samsung’s 292in LED display The Wall

Written by Andy Stout

SamsungTo be honest, The Wall Luxury can go a lot bigger than this. You may need a bigger wall... or house.

Samsung used InfoComm 2019 to announce that orders will open for its giant modular microLED display The Wall (renamed The Wall Luxury) next month.

Samsung has not had an easy time of it recently; the Galaxy Fold has been delayed and its recent recommendation via a (now deleted) tweet that smart QLED TV owners should scan their TVs for viruses every few weeks caused a certain amount of consternation. So it’s nice to be able to talk about its fabulous looking The Wall once more, albeit that it’s a product that features highly in the ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford it’ category.

Last time we saw the company’s microLED modular display at CES it came in a rather compact 75 inch version. Its individual, modular building blocks came in two sections: a back plate that easily hooks into other back plates, allowing customers to build sets in the aspect ratios that suit them while the actual MicroLED tile simply pops on magnetically.

What has changed since is the size. The Wall Luxury, as the first productised version of the technology is being dubbed, scales from a 2K, 73in version all the way up to a massive 292in 8K set. That’s 8 yards or getting close to 7.5 metres if you keep it in the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio.

Impressively, the set outputs 2000 nits to take full advantage of its HDR10+ capabilities, and features a 120Hz refresh rate. It also uses Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor Flex AI picture quality engine to upscale images to fit that massive screen. In other words, pictures on this could well look rather amazing if you can find a wall big enough to mount it on.

Price? Head to the Samsung website and you come across a page where you can register your interest and someone will call you back, so let’s say it’s not going to be cheap. But microLED is an interesting technology — the screen is rated for 100,000 hours of use for starters — and the modular, aspect ratio adaptable concept is a good one. We’re quite hoping that that price comes down to one that mortals can dream of soon.

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