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4K monitor prices dip under $450 (and something to watch on them)

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We have lift-off! All of a sudden we feel as if we're reaching another significant tipping point for 4K as we've just seen an Acer 4K monitor and a couple of Dell units on sale for less than $450 (£300). And the good people at SpaceX have just provided a rather lovely 2:06 of footage to watch on them too. 

It seems that whether or not 4K becomes a reality for TVs, the factories turning out 4K screens for monitors are running smoothly. The number of 4K monitors is increasing steadily and prices are dropping every day, so much so that we already now have a 4K monitor for less than £300.

UK web retailer Ebuyer has just sent out a mail with a link to its listing for the Acer CB280HK Monitor, a 28" UHD (3840 x 2160) monitor, for just £279.99 including delivery. That’s $416. It's part of a new range of prosumer monitors from Acer and has an impressive performance for the price. It can run at 60Hz (via Displayport) and has a 1ms response time as well as a 170 degree viewing angle. 

What's more, just as we were publishing this we spotted that the 28" Dell P2815Q has dipped below that magic $450 barrier too with a couple of online retailers, down from its launch price of around $780 last June. That's some impressive price pressure.

And for something to watch on your new, cheap monitor, SpaceX has just uploaded a couple of minutes of footage from various rocket launches which was all shot in 4K and, we have to admit, all looks rather glorious.

 4K Footage | SpaceX Launches


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