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LaCie Launches Rugged Raid at CES 2015

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LaCieLaCie Launch New Products at CES

LaCie have announced two new products at CES, one of which is definitely of interest for Editors, Photographers and Videographers.

The LaCie rugged range of drives, with their distinctive orange rubber jacket, have become a familiar sight on location and in edit suites worldwide. The first of LaCie's new products is the Rugged RAID, A portable bus powered unit with USB3 and Thunderbolt connections housed in the familiar Rugged Rubber jacket, but also with a rubber plug to cover the connections making it water and dust resistant. It can also withstand a drop of up to five feet and pressure of up to one ton.

Equipped with two 2TB drives it can be configured as RAID 0 for speed, which can achieve write speeds of up to 250MB/s, or as RAID 1 for security, with each drive being a duplicate of the other.

A nice touch is that the Thunderbolt cable is physically attached to the drive, so you can't lose it. Check out the video below.

Here is the full press release for the Rugged RAID

 LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX), announced Rugged RAID, the latest product to join its line of iconic Rugged mobile hard drives. LaCie™ Rugged RAID features twice the speed and capacity of a standard mobile hard drive* — all with the same Rugged portability and durability that enthusiasts have come to expect. It is also the only product in its class to feature hardware RAID 0 and 1, which lets professionals optimize the product for speed or data security according to their workflow — and use it on any Mac® or PC.

When on a deadline, every second counts. The LaCie Rugged features Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.0 along with two internal hard drives that are preconfigured in hardware RAID 0 for sustained performance of up to 240 MB/s**. With this speed, users can transfer 64 GB of content in less than five minutes, and even start to edit photos in the field with Adobe® Lightroom®. This time savings is key for field–based professionals who collect and move tons of data onto external storage.

Professionals, especially photographers, face the challenge of keeping up with ever-increasing resolutions and file sizes. The LaCie Rugged addresses this challenge by featuring 4 TB in a compact footprint. With this capacity, the LaCie Rugged can store the equivalent of sixty 64 GB memory cards. This allows professionals to carry fewer drives while acquiring more photos, footage, and other types of content in the field.

The LaCie Rugged features RAID 1 (mirrored mode), which is where the data is duplicated across the two drives. So, even if a single drive fails in the field, the data remains accessible from the other drive. This is especially helpful to on–the–go professionals with limited laptop capacity. The LaCie Rugged can serve as the primary safe storage during travel. Even in the case of a single drive failure, data is protected.

For added data protection, the LaCie Rugged is resistant to shock, dust and water. It is tested to withstand drops*** of up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) and 1 ton of pressure. With its cap in place, the LaCie Rugged is IP 54–rated for superior resistance to dust and water splashing — even during operation. So whether the LaCie Rugged RAID takes a jarring jeep ride, is buried under stacks of suitcases in the airplane cargo hold, or gets splashed during a tropical downpour, the data remains safe and accessible.

Portability is key, and professionals need their equipment to go and work anywhere. Powered through the Thunderbolt cable, the LaCie Rugged offers access to the data anywhere – no power outlet required. The integrated Thunderbolt cable ensures that the cable cannot be lost. Plus, with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, it works with any standard computer.

The LaCie Rugged includes everything professionals need for secure backup in the field: a backup software suite and compatibility with Time Machine™ and Windows Backup. It also includes LaCie Private–Public software, which lets users password-protect the entire drive or only certain volumes with AES 256–bit encryption.

The LaCie Rugged features a three–year limited warranty that can also be extended and upgraded. The included limited warranty provides comprehensive, complimentary web-based resources, expert in–house technical support, and worldwide repair and/or replacement coverage.

The LaCie Rugged RAID, design by Neil Poulton, will be available in a 4 TB capacity (MSRP $449.99) this quarter through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Resellers.

The other new product is the LaCie Mirror, a 1TB USB3 hard drive encased in Mirrored Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and with it's own Ebony wood stand. Designed by French designer Pauline Deltour the Mirror is obviously a design piece as opposed to the utilitarian Rugged drives but it will certainly make a statement on any desk and the Mirror finish should remain pristine for years to come. Gorilla Glass 3 is latest version of Cornings impact and scratch resistant glass which is used in the screens for iPhones and other mobile devices.

You can read the full press release for the Mirror after the break

 LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX) unveiled the LaCie Mirror™ portable hard drive wholly encased in scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This unique device is at once both a functional 1TB hard drive and a striking piece of decor. The LaCie Mirror hard drive will adorn any desktop as it sits in its base made of a single piece of ebony wood from Makassar. This new signature piece for LaCie has been designed in collaboration with the acclaimed French designer, Pauline Deltour.

"You have to look twice to discover the LaCie Mirror's true ambition," said Deltour. "Covered by mirrored glass, it's first an elegant and functional object, and only on second glance is it revealed to be a slim high–performance hard drive."

Mirrors reflect the image of who we are, where as the data that we collect and create is a reflection of an individual's ideas and experiences. In an age where nearly all files are manifested in a digital form, it was an obvious conclusion for LaCie to develop a showpiece to convey how essential data is to defining our modern life. The sum of art and literature are the product by which a culture is defined. This art has existed, historically, as physical media prior to the introduction of digital technology. Today, data is comprised of this very media that defines us, be it photos, videos, music, graphic art, novels, journals or even a spreadsheet. Our data is truly a reflection of who we are. The human digital footprint is a reflection of our individuality and LaCie Mirror is symbolic of this.

"Of all human inventions, the mirror is perhaps the most intriguing, since it is so closely connected to our own consciousness, reflecting both reality and illusion," said, Mark Pendergrast, author of Mirror Mirror: A History of the Human Love Affair with Reflection." As our first technology for self–contemplation, the mirror is arguably as important an invention as the wheel and perhaps even more universal."

Pauline Deltour and LaCie product development teams worked closely to develop the LaCie Mirror hard drive. To make the product more durable, LaCie used Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance™ (NDR). The glass is chemically strengthened and atomically configured to better survive the real–world events that most commonly cause glass failure. This glass enables improved damage resistance and toughness by helping to prevent the deep chips and scratches that cause glass to break.

"The LaCie Mirror, propped up on its ebony wood display stand, is captivating on a desk or anywhere in the home," explained designer Pauline Deltour. "The intense ebony color contrasts sublimely with the LaCie Mirror's silver facets."

When the LaCie Mirror hard drive is connected to a computer, the luxurious display stand showcases the exquisite design of the product. Hewn from Makassar ebony wood, a richly colored, exceptionally dense wood, every display stand is unique. There are no two pieces that are alike.

The LaCie Mirror features a two–year limited warranty that includes comprehensive, complimentary web–based resources, expert in–house technical support, and worldwide repair and/or replacement coverage. It is possible to upgrade this service with warranty extensions, fast product replacement and even data recovery services.

The 1TB LaCie Mirror portable hard drive will first be available in late January for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $279.99 at LaCie.com with wider availability later this year.

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