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Storyblocks launches Maker, a new video creation tool

Storyblocks Maker video creation tool. Image: Storyblocks.
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Storyblocks Maker video creation tool. Image: Storyblocks.

Storyblocks has launched a new video creation tool to help those need to make large volumes of video produce polished results, quickly and easily.

Storyblocks Maker video creation tool. Image: Storyblocks.
Storyblocks Maker video creation tool. Image: Storyblocks.

Video is the new language of communication right and that means corporates and brands are disseminating more and more video out into the ethernet. But it can be a slog for marketing departments to keep up with the demand. Hence the rise of online platforms and software solutions like Moovly, Sythesia, Rawshorts and Lumen5 some of which employ AI to automate the process.

Shutterstock offers a suite of tools and templates called Shutterstock Custom and Premier (for larger creative agencies and brands) which take advantage of its 300 million stock stills and videos.

The latest kid on the block is Storyblocks which boasts its own library of nearly one million royalty free digital goods.

It is launching Maker targeting businesses and content creators wanting to produce video content quickly, without the unnecessary complexity of existing video editors.

The online platform allows you to add text, animations, branding, intros and outros to create short promotional videos. The tool guides users through the creation process from start to finish to help users create polished videos for publishing on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and so-on in just a few minutes.

You can upload your own video and / or tap into Storyblocks’ vault. It is free to use but you want to unlock high resolution exporting options or to remove watermarks on projects that use Storyblocks content, then you’ll need to upgrade to the Unlimited All Access subscription plan.

Storyblocks’ says the new platform ‘disrupts traditional creative barriers like restrictive pricing and licensing.’

In RedShark’s view, Maker is accessible enough for anyone to use, and is especially great for those social media influencers who have to generate tons of content every single day, as well as professional marketers who are tight on both time and creative budgets.