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Sony BRC-AM7 unveiled: 4K60p PTZ camera using AI for auto framing

The new Sony BRC-AM7 unveiled: any color you like as long as it's black...or white
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The new Sony BRC-AM7 unveiled: any color you like as long as it's black...or white

Sony has revealed a new 4K 60p PTZ camera, the BRC-AM7, based on the BIONZ XR image processing engine and featuring AI-based auto framing.

A PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera with an integrated lens is pretty useful for everything from live streaming to live broadcasts, houses of worship, events, sports, and more. One person can control a bunch of PTZs to produce a high quality show.

But what if AI is handling the framing for the Sony BRC-AM7? The AI technology can intelligently recognize and track moving objects, and can do it naturally. Another big advantage of the BRC-AM7 is that it's part of the greater Sony camera family, so footage can be matched with other Sony cameras.

It’s an intriguing proposition. Features include:

  • 1.0-type 4K compatible stacked Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with the BIONZ XR image processing engine.
  • 4K HDR up to 60p.
  • Fixed integrated lens (smallest and lightest) with 20x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom in 4K or 40x in full HD, via the Clear Image Zoom.
  • Advanced PTZ Auto Framing, powered by AI. It can naturally track and move moving objects and people recognizing people, clothing, and more. Essentially, it will appear that someone is physically panning, tilting, and zooming the camera.
  • Movement speeds up to 0.004 degrees per second, up to 180 degrees.
  • ITU709, 709tone, S-Cinetone, and S-Log3 shooting modes, compatible with other Sony cameras and simplified color matching.
  • GENLOCK Controls.

All in all, the Sony BRC-AM7 looks like a pretty terrific PTZ camera and the AI-based auto framing technology will no doubt come to other PTZ cameras too. Pricing hasn't been revealed yet, but the unit will be on show in Las Vegas.

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