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Sony announces new UWP-D wireless microphone system

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Sony has just announced the new URX-P41D two-channel portable receiver, supporting the MI (Multi Interface) shoe with Digital Audio Interface.

The URX-P41D receiver can work with any of the UWP-D transmitters, and it will be made available either as a standalone item, or as part of a new UWP-D27 kit, which will include two UTX-B40 Bodypack Transmitters. The new system will be available from April 2022.

Sony URX-P41D receiver system.

URX-P41D new features

  1. Digital audio interface to improve sound quality
    • Uses DSP (digital signal processing) for digital companding, and improves sound quality by optimising a time-constant range between the transmitter and receiver.
    • Using the SMAD-P5 MI shoe adaptor allows direct digital audio recording and delivers high sound quality with low noise by skipping the D/A and A/D process. 
  2. “NFC SYNC” function to allow quick and easy channel setting
    • This automatically scans for the appropriate frequency. Touching the receiver to the transmitter will sync the channel for optimum speed and efficiency.
  3. ​​​​​​​ Compact form factor, with improved ergonomics
  4. External Microphone Input and Three-channel mixing function
    • An External Microphone Input for an additional wired microphone.  Three-channel audio recording is available by using a Sony’s lavalier microphone through the external microphone input. Four-channel audio recording is also possible when using a stereo microphone through the external microphone input.
  5. Stable RF reception.
    • The URX-P41D can reduce interruptions in reception (RF signal dropout), by utilising a space diversity reception system. The angle of the antennas on the portable receiver can also be adjusted, which helps to further eliminate signal dropout.
  1. Functions to improve performance when on location
    • Auto gain mode and Output level control brings the user peace of mind that the audio levels are correct when out in the field.

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