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SmallRig intros accessory ecosystem for Panasonic Lumix S9

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The ever-active SmallRig has already released an accessory ecosystem for the Panasonic LUMIX S9 including a cage, an L-shaped handle, and a leather half case.

Panasonic may have got itself into a spot of bother with its launch of the Lumix S9, first found using stock photos on the camera's website in Japan and now in a public spat with reviewer Gerald Undone, but that's all unlikely to stop a fairly large amount of people from buying it.

And for those that do and want to be able to drive it that bit harder, SmallRig has released three products that bump up its ergonomics and make it a better bet for shooting all round.

Available from mid-June onwards, the $69 cage (pictured above and below) is made from aluminium and adds various interfaces to allow other kit to be attached to the unit. It features a wooden handgrip, an Arca-Swiss plate for easy tripod mounting, and has been designed to fit in with the cameras overall aesthetic. Well, at least the black version.

smallrig S9 cage detail

 Slightly more minimalist is the silicone L-Shaped Handle. This comes in at $39 and includes a lower left strap hole allows for easy attachment of a shoulder strap, helping facilitate vertical shooting. It's also got an Arca-Swiss plate on the bottom for easy tripod mounting.

smallrig s9 l-shaped handle

And lastly, for those that want to pimp their camera a bit, the Leather Half Case is also $39. It's made from what the company says is durable, breathable top-grain leather, has a built-in wooden grip, also features that strap hole in the lower left corner, and can be mounted directly on a tripod without removing the case via the 1/4"-20 threaded hole.

smallrig s9 leather case


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