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SmallHD launches rugged 2300nit Ultra 7 monitor

The new SmallHD Ultra 7
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The new SmallHD Ultra 7

SmallHD has launched the Ultra 7, the latest ultra-durable and ultra-bright flagship entrant in its Smart 7 Series.

The new SmallHD Ultra 7 features a next-generation platform powered by the same technology that drives the company’s elite 4K production monitors, integrates with Teradek’s new Bolt 6 wireless platform, and is engineered to perform in “any production environment.”

That’s a bold claim, but the Ultra 7 stands out on paper for its enhanced durability. This is SmallHD’s first IP-certified monitor at IP53, and also features a sealed heat management system that allows it to operate in variable temperatures ranging from 0ºC to 40ºC. The machined chassis is strengthened by a new design that includes raised edges protecting the front glass of the display, and shock-absorbing silicone bumpers should help with tumbles and impacts.

smallhd ultra 7 hero

Away from the ruggedization, the Ultra 7’s color-accurate touch screen can display up to 2300nits full-screen luminance, enabling visibility in most conditions.  6G-SDI inputs allow ingest and passthrough of up to 4Kp30 video signals, enabling critically accurate focus and detail when zoomed in pixel-to-pixel. Dual 2-pin power connectors allow users to output power for accessories, SmallHD’s award-winning PageOS software can be controlled flexibly via touchscreen or joystick, and large tactile buttons offer decent customization and functionality.

There’s also a reimagined quick-release sun hood (sold separately) which clips securely into the front of the monitor without tools or screws, using hidden magnets for quick conversion to a 3- or 4-sided hood. The new sun hood is constructed with an anti-reflective felt underside that protects the monitor glass when the hood closes and transforms into a durable cover.

The Ultra 7 can also be purchased with a fully integrated Teradek Bolt 6 transmitter or receiver inside the same-size chassis as the standard model. These integrated wireless monitors will feature a new rugged antenna cap to reduce antenna damage and will be available in Bolt 6 750 and 1500 range models. Ultra 7 RX kits will ship with handles, a padded strap, and a Wooden Camera Micro Battery Plate (GM, VM, or B-mount).

An integrated Ethernet and 5-Pin USB port enables flexible and intuitive PageOS-integrated camera control options for ARRI, RED, and Sony VENICE cameras. At the same time, TX and RX models will support wireless camera control over the clear airwaves of the 6GHz spectrum.

smallhd ultra 7tx

The Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX

Pricing for the standard Ultra 7 is $2999, and it’s available now. The Teradek Bolt 6 integration is listed as coming soon and adds a fair amount to the price. There are two versions: a 750ft model and a 1500ft one. The Ultra 7 Bolt 6 TX will cost $4299/$5299, and the Ultra 7 Bolt 6 RX $4499/$5499, and will also be available in Gold Mount and V-Mount versions.

smallhd ultra 7 rx

And the Ultra 7 Bolt 6 RX

SmallHD Ultra 7 Specifications

 Brightness: Up to 2300nits

SDI: 1x 6G-SDI Input (up to 4Kp30)

1x 6G-SDI Input/Output (up to 4Kp30)

HDMI: 1x HDMI 2.0 In (4Kp60), 1x HDMI 2.0 Out (4Kp60)

Resolution: 1920x1200

Camera Control Compatibility: ARRI, RED® and Sony VENICE / VENICE 2

IP Rating:  IP53

Control Ports: RJ-45 Ethernet, 5-Pin USB locking connector

Power Input: 2x 2-Pin Locking Connector, optional Battery Plates

                     Optional Wooden Camera Micro Plates (GM,VM)

Wireless Video: Built-in Bolt 6 TX / RX Options

Software: PageOS

SD Card Slot: Load/store 33pt LUTS, Firmware updates, Image Capture

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