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Small objects of desire: the SmallRig Standard Universal Mobile Phone Cage

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Level up your smartphone shooting with the new Smallrig Universal Mobile Phone Video Rig Cage.

Whether you like it or not, shooting on smartphones is a part of the overall production picture nowadays and something that’s only going to get more common now that Apple has realised what a USB-C connection can do for its iPhone 15 Pros.

So, the SmallRig Standard Universal Mobile Phone Cage is a bit genius. It’s designed to fit most smartphones in the market with a width from 63mm to 86mm and features a spring-loaded clamp for quick attachment/detachment of the phone with a decent locking force.

The cage comes with multiple 1/4”-20 threaded holes and two cold shoes for attaching a tripod, LED light, microphone, etc. Threaded holes on the top could be used to attach a top handle such as the SmallRig Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Universal Handle 1984 for moving shoots. 

Those 1/4”-20 thread holes with notches could be used to mount a SmallRig Holder for Portable Power Banks to attach a power bank when a sustainable charging solution is required. And the side 1/4”-20 thread holes can be used to attach the SmallRig Mobile Phone Cable Clamp to ensure a tight joint of the cables, such as a Lightning cable, USB-C cable or an adapter. 

The cage also allows the smartphone to act as a monitor by using a monitor mount such as the SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe. 

Of course, other attachments and expansions are available. Indeed, that's the whole point. The cage also features two holes on the bottom for lanyard attachment, while the built-in rubber pads could protect against possible scratches to the phone if you’re lucky.

The price is $55 for the cage alone (though the price is moving about a fair bit due to its availability on large sites such as Amazon - bargains may be had), while around $159 gets you the all-in-one kit with a lot of those accessories listed above included, as you can see below.

SMALLRIG Universal Mobile Phone Video Rig Cage


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