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Shooting on Super 8: Why using film is good for your soul

The Llangollen canal, taken on Super 8mm.
1 minute read
The Llangollen canal, taken on Super 8mm.

Simon Wyndham recently began using Super 8 film. Here, he presents the first in a video series about the format, why he decided to use it, and how you can too.

Analogue is having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, with content creators discovering the satisfaction of shooting with film, both for stills and for motion. Recently I decided to have a go myself with Super 8mm film.

Super 8 was developed as an amateur film format, accessible and affordable for the masses. As such, there's a huge amount of old equipment available for not a lot of money. In the first of a series of video 'articles', I decided to delve into my own journey with the format, my reasons for doing so, and to offer some advice for anyone else out there who might be tempted to give this most rewarding of formats a go.

Watch the first video below.

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