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SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro Monitor/Recorder: an affordable 7-inch screen

The SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro Monitor/Recorder in situ
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The SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro Monitor/Recorder in situ

The new SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro Monitor/Recorder looks to offer a lot of screen real estate for a very competitive $479.

Monitor/Recorders are a convenient way to eliminate the need for two separate devices when filming. But some of them can cost in excess of $1000 to $2000. SHIMBOL offers an alternative with their Memory 7 Pro Monitor/Recorder.

The SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro look like it has all the features you'll need in a Monitor/Recorder, including touchscreen capabilities, a bright 1920 x 1080p IPS monitor, internal MP4 recording, timecode support, and more. Here are some key features:

  • 7-inch DCI-P3 Gamut IPS Screen, 1920 x 1080p resolution, 2200nits brightness, and 1800:1 contrast ratio.
  • Easy menu access via the touchscreen and daylight viewable.
  • 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs.
  • Custom 3D-LUT input and output.
  • Everything needed for monitoring: Histogram, vectorscope, false color, focus peaking, zebras, HDR monitor, and more.
  • Internal MP4 recording and timecode support.
  • NP-F battery plate.
  • Hard case, SDI cable, HDMI cable, hot shoe mount, SD card, dusting cloth, screen protector, and more.


Priced under $500, this may be a great option for filmmakers and video professionals needing that quality monitor/recorder. A 7-inch screen is magnificent, but perhaps a little heavy at 1 lb (455g). SHIMBOL released a similar 5.5-inch monitor/recorder in late 2023 that may be more ideal if you need something smaller.

SHIMBOL also has a similar 7-inch Monitor/Recorder unit, the M7 Monitor, which has nearly the same features as the Memory 7 Pro, but doesn't have internal MP4 recording and timecode support and 2000nits brightness.

Conclusion: That's a lot of real estate

A compact monitor/recorder that won’t break the bank is always welcome, which makes the SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro Monitor/Recorder is a great option for cinematographers and videographers needing an all-in-one monitoring and recording solution. The price is a highly affordable $479 and it's available now. If you want to save a little money and get nearly the same features, the SHIMBOL M7 retails for $379.

There are other options within the price range, including the Atomos Ninja (5.2-inch monitor), which retails $599 and is perfect for any camera setup. However, I like that the SHIMBOL Memory 7 Pro is a 7-inch monitor; that extra real estate is going to be great for my (aging) eyes.

Learn more about the Memory 7 Pro here, and the M7 Monitor here.

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